Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I am almost ready to begin the decrease on the swirl hat, just another inch or so.  I needed a few super quick projects the past couple of days so I grabbed my crochet hooks and some of my partial skeins and whipped up a hat and a headwarmer.  (Patterns soon to follow.)  I still need to weave in the ends.  It's so easy, but I often find myself procrastinating on that last step.

I also have figured out a way to crochet while holding the Baby, but I can't knit with him.  It might just be that I'm more familiar with crochet, but I'm thinking that knitting might simply be impossible.  He's teething so he's needed lots of cuddles the past week.  Can you knit or crochet while holding a baby?

I'd love to see you share your projects at my Yarn Fanatic Party

Frontier Dreams with Nicole
Work In Progress with Tami
Yarn Along with Ginny


  1. I haven't tried knitting with my munchkin yet, but I know crocheting is possible.

  2. Wonderful projects, I always procrastinate on the end weaving too!

  3. Some great projects, I like the swirl hat!

  4. I don't think I can. Especially love that swirl hat.

  5. I have never tried to knit or crochet while holding a baby. I didn't knit when my baby was little. I will have to try it with my niece next week! I love the colors in your Swirl hat :-)


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