Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WIPS: Pink Sweater and Chunky Blanket

I cordially invite everyone to share their projects at my Yarn Fanatic Party!

I have settled on a pattern for the body of the pink sweater that I'm crocheting.  Since I'm pretty much winging it I would crochet a few rows, decide I didn't like it, and then frog it.  Now that I've figured it out progress should be pretty quick.  Catherine is eagerly awaiting the finished product.

While I was going through my stash the other day I came across this Big yarn, from Lion Brand.  (I think it has been discontinued.)  It is super soft, and super big.  I've never worked with yarn so thick before.  Since I have quite a few skeins I thought that I'd make a blanket.  Although, I have no idea how big or small it will end up.  Catherine has decided that it will be for her too.

I'm really going to rue the day when my little girl decides that handmade items from Mommy aren't cool.  Do you make things for your kids?  If yours are older, do they still want and appreciate handmade items?

Check out my finished knit Swirl Hat!

Frontier Dreams with Nicole
Work In Progress with Tami
Yarn Along with Ginny

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  1. I don't have much crafty talent for making things myself, but I really admire people who do have that talent. Hope your kiddo continues to think homemade stuff by mommy is cool for many more years :)


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