Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What I'm Wearing: Teething Bling

Smart Mom sent me a Teething Bling gift package.  All opinions are my own.

Here are the kids and I last Sunday.  Do you see what I'm wearing?  A necklace!  This necklace. AND I'm holding a sweet and grabby five month old!

If you want to recreate my outfit, because I am such a fashion icon (Wink. Wink.) here are the rest of the details!  The black top is from Motherhood Maternity's nursing wear, although I don't see it online.  (It was a gift.)  It's super comfortable, although a cami is necessary.  My skirt is from Old Navy and I'm quite excited that it fits.  Also not found online.  (I found it at a thrift store.)  So, good luck recreating this exact outfit . . . but you can still get the necklace!

Have you seen the awesome Teething Bling by Smart Mom LLC?

So, I'm sure you're wondering, what exactly is "teething bling"?  In a nutshell, it's jewelry for mom to wear that baby can also safely enjoy.  It's a win-win!  These fun for everyone pieces of jewelry do not have any known harmful chemicals.  That means no phthalates, BPAs, PVCs, lead, or latex.  (Is it just me, or does everything these days contain something know to be dangerous?)  You can check out their FAQ section for more information.

Dominic highly approves of my necklace.  I think I had it on for about two minutes before it was covered in adorable baby slobber.

Here are a few more drool worthy necklaces:

Isn't this limited edition Red Sugar Cube Necklace adorable?

They even have some that are inspired by NFL team colors!

And check out these very fashionable Black & Grey Doubles!

I also received two bracelets, an onyx one and a pearl one.  These also are great for mommies and babies alike!

Thank you for the gifts, Teething Bling.  
As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I had one of those and it was a god send for me when I had a little baby.

  2. That is super cute. I wish I had one when my boys were small!

  3. I just discovered teething jewellery with my third child and cant believe I survived without it. And I am not a fancy gal, so if I am wearing jewellery it is a win-win for everyone

  4. My kids always went after my necklaces...i needed something like this!

  5. That is so cool to have teething jewelry in the same colors as a favorite sporting team...love it! Also, even though that is a maternity top (the black one) - I love shirt styles like that.

  6. These are awesome! My baby would have liked that double-necklace for sure - she was always trying to put everything in her mouth. (Then again, she still does pick stuff up off the floor and try to taste it *groan* so maybe she would still like it haha) I wish I had gotten something like this for a baby shower gift, it would have been perfect.

  7. What an awesome idea! I wish it was available when my kids were little.


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