Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Baby Pumpkin Hat: Pattern Link & Notes

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I used The Stitchin Mommy's Puff Stitch Pumpkin Pattern, with a few changes of my own, of course.
The main yarns I used were Vanna's Choice in Olive and Terracotta.  I also used a little pale yellow mystery cotton yarn for the flower center and some Red Heart Super Saver in White for the flower petals.

For the main hat I followed the pattern, but did one fewer row of the puff stitch.  I thought that if I did another row it would end up a bit too long for a newborn.

I skipped the large green top in the original pattern entirely, and opted instead for an extra leaf.  I fiddled a bit with the leaf pattern.  I also added some length to the vine.

I also added a simple five petal flower.  I sewed the flower onto a button, so it is removable.  This is my go-to simple flower pattern:
  •  Magic circle.
  • 10 sc into circle.
  • Chain one, sc in same stitch, *chain one, five treble stitches in next stitch, chain one, sc in next stitch*.  Repeat between ** until there are five petals.  Slip stitch together. 

Here is the super cute Pumpkin with her hat!  (I made the cocoon for her too.)  Isn't she just precious?  Thank you to her Mommy for letting me share her cuteness with all my readers!

I love sharing my projects at various parties around the blogosphere including Hookin On Hump Day and Fine Craft Guild.


  1. Love it! And thanks to the Mom for the beautiful baby picture🍁

  2. Sweet baby and super cute hat! I glanced at this pattern right before fall began, and pinned it but haven't had a chance to work it yet. Yours looks great!


  3. It turned out just lovely! Great job!

  4. That is just adorable. I'm sure the Mom is very appreciative!

  5. Love all the different hats that you profile. They are great and certainly worth trying.

  6. That would be perfect for newborn photo sessions~!

  7. I love this it is so cute thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh my goodness, I want to learn how to do this so bad. I have a SIL who is pregnant with another little one, and (s)he would be just the right size for an adorable picture next Halloween!

  9. So adorable! Thanks for sharing @DearCreatives party. Pinned & sharing.

  10. Rachel!!! That is a great hat. I love that whole baby outfit. Sooo good! Thank you for linking it up with us!


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