Friday, December 5, 2014

Ruffle Scarf Crochet Pattern with Boutique Sassy Fabric from Red Heart

Disclosure: I received this yarn from Red Heart.
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Have you seen the Boutique Sassy Fabric from Red Heart?  It's a long strip of fabric with evenly spaced holes that you can crochet or knit.  The 100% polyester fabric is sheer and has a pleasant feel -- my four year old called it "slippy" which is what she calls silk scarves.  It comes in quite a few patterns, everything from chevrons to skulls, but the yarn that I received from Red Heart to try out was this classic black and white houndstooth pattern:

Red Heart has a few patterns that use this yarn.  After looking through their selection I decided to stick with making a ruffle scarf.  After playing around with the fabric for a little while the following is what I did.
  • Chain 6.  I used a size K crochet hook.  The recommended size is a J, but I really wanted something a little looser.
  • Single crochet in second chain then until the end. (5 stitches) Chain one.
  • Single crochet across. (5) Chain one.
  • Repeat until you reach the desired length.

I used one hank in its entirety, which is about 30 yards of fabric.  Personally, I would have liked the scarf to be a little bit longer, but it is fine as is.  I think the length is just about perfect for my sweet little model, Catherine!  What do you think?

It did take just a few minutes to get the hang of working with the fabric, but once I caught on the project took about a leisurely hour.

Have you worked with any of the Boutique Sassy Fabric from Red Heart?  What did you make?  Did you enjoy working with it?

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  1. Catherine makes a wonderful model :-) I haven't played with it yet but wondered how well it worked. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I want to try the fabric yarn to make some ruffle scarves, but I haven't found it on sale yet.

    I love working with the sashay yarn though, and have made tons of those both crocheted and knitted, and I prefer the knitted look as I think it is more fluffy and the chain isn't as visible. When I do make them though, I do not crochet back across the foundation chain so the scarf is longer.

    But this one is absolutely gorgeous! And does fit your daughter perfectly.


  3. Hehe. Oops, I misread it! I thought you chained a long and then single crocheted across the foundation of the scarf.
    Your way is a great idea! I am pinning this to try later with some of the sashay yarn I have leftover.


  4. This is cute - and looks super easy!

  5. Super cute! Catherine might have a future in modeling :) Happy New Year.

  6. I do not ever recall seeing the houndstooth fabric yarn. i would not mind trying that design for myself. -craftyone

  7. My daughter loves it when I make these! Though I do have to say i do not crochet them I knit them I find it easier for me to do it that way. =D

  8. So cute!!! Thanks for sharing with Fiber Tuesday Link Party!
    I hope you join us again this week!


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