Sunday, March 20, 2016

Super Easy Tip for Threading Buttons with Yarn

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Have you ever needed to thread a button with yarn?  I certainly have had a fair number of crochet, knit, and even just good ol' fashioned crafts that needed this done.  It's one of those silly little things that could take your f o r e v e r, but it doesn't need to. Maybe you already have a trick (share your secrets in the comments!) but if you don't, here's mine: a glue stick.

Gently press the yarn into the stick and then pull it out.  Take your fingers and twist in the direction of the yarn, essentially you're glueing the strands of yarn tighter together.  Keep twisting until you have a fine point.  Your fingers will be a tiny bit sticky, but most of the glue will come off by simply rubbing your fingers together (if it doesn't you used too much).  Give the glue a few seconds to set and then easily poke it through the button hole! It's so easy!

So, what do you think?  Is this something that you've already been doing?  Is it something you're going to try?  Or do you have something that works even better?  Tell me!


  1. I'm too lazy to go and hunt up a glue stick so I usually just use the spit and twist method!

  2. This is a real good advice. I usually use my own spit to get the yarn through a hloe but sometimes it takes ages! Viola

    1. Lol! Spit is pretty near to hand at all times.....don't have to try to remember where I put THAT! But I think I'm going to buy a small glue stick and pop it into the drawer next to the spice bottle full of needles and the box with my scissors by the chair where I crochet. Maybe it won't wander off if I put it there (even the cat "borrows" things in this house). It's definitely a trick I'd use if I had to thread more than one or two buttons or those pesky beads for instance.

  3. OH my gosh this is amazing!! My life is so much easier now! Thank you

  4. Ah, see, this will be great when I start making my own flowers. Glad to have the tip!

  5. Great tip! Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party! Shared


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