Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sandbox Shorts: Pattern Review

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Are you looking for an adorable shorts pattern for your doll?  Then you should check out the Sandbox Shorts by Oh Sew Kat!  

I particularly like the flat front; the shorts just look so much more professional with the flat front. Most of the other doll shorts patterns I've seen lacked this detail. 

These shorts are an easy sew.  Like the Popsicle Top, the instructions are very well written and include lots of photos.  This pattern is especially awesome because it includes three different styles: Classic, Bermuda, and Wide Leg.  The brown floral shorts that I made are Classic, without pockets.  (Catherine didn't want to cover up the fun flowers, so I didn't.)  

While this is a fairly simple pattern, the possibilities are endless!  It's so versatile!  Different trims and different fabrics will give you anything from gym clothes to special occasion wear.   

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  1. This is adorable! I am new sewing machine owner... i admit I have not even used it yet... but I am also new to collecting 18" dolls... and part of that is because of the new sewing machine... and well... because after having 2 sons (one is 22 and one is 9) and 2 grandsons... (one is 6 and one is 3) I FINALLY have been blessed with 2 adorable Grand-Daughters! They are "LIVING DOLLS" so at 49... I am revisiting my childhood dreams... and now I can make most of them come true!! I am learning yarn and sewing skills to "make" CLOTHES and yes DOLLHOUSE decore items! And some day... my grand-daughters will get the whole thing! ;-) But I have a few years to work on the collection before they are old enough... so anyway! Thanks so much for these lovely reviews!!

  2. Those are so cute!! :) I love the flowers. I can see why she didn't want pockets. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  3. Cute Shorts and they fit really well. I want to teach my granddaughter to sew and this would be a good beginner pattern.

  4. Cute shorts - I like the pockets!

  5. I like that the pattern includes various styles. The ones you made turned out ADORABLE!

  6. These are also a lot of fun, so many possibilities and now they're available as a 14.5" doll pattern too! (Wellie Wisher size)

  7. Adorable shorts and look easy for little hands to manage dressing their girls.

  8. The shorts are adorable. I love the flowers.

  9. These look pretty simple to make. Easy for the newbie and a good staple for the more experienced.

  10. The material you chose makes the shorts awesome. The pattern looks pretty straightforward.


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