Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our Library Bag

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We love books.  Library cards are just as important as driver's licenses.  At least one of us stops in at the library once a week.  I constantly have multiple books on hold (often the maximum number of 20).  Currently I have 31 books checked out on my card.  Here's a peek into our library bag this week:  

I really enjoy fairytale retellings.  There's a ball, there's a prince, there's a rocket, and there's Cinderella.  What more do you need?  (This is totally a kid's version of Cinder, which is a really fun young adult book.)

We only recently started the Magic Tree House series.  I think we like it.  We typically finish each book in a day, and have read the first five in less than two weeks.  (I didn't check them all out at once either, I wasn't sure how well they would be received.)  We are waiting, none too patiently, for #6 -- all copies at the library are currently checked out.  Don't worry though, we are next on the holds list.

I've lost count how many times this series has been recommended to me.  I finally added it to my list and we brought it home Friday.  I think we're going to try to read this as a family starting this weekend.

Catherine was asking some pretty hard hitting questions about electricity the other day so I did what every good homeschooling mom does: I checked out just about every age appropriate book on the topic that I could find.  This particular Magic School Bus book is fantastic.  I learned so much!

I have some huge issues with some of the recurring themes in Thomas, especially in the newer books, but Dominic loves trains and it's easy enough to edit a story on the fly for a two year old.  (Because I know someone is going to ask: my biggest beef with the Thomas stories is that I hate the idea that someone's worth is directly tied to how "useful" they are.)

I'm putting Journey, Quest, and Return together because they are a trilogy.  A wordless trilogy.  They literally are picture books.  But wow!  The books are beautiful and tell a lovely story, each one is truly a work of art.  We've "read" them multiple times now and each time we gleam a little more.  These books are immensely satisfying and enjoyable for the whole family.  I highly recommend all three.  

I'm, shockingly, only reading one grown up book at the moment.  I finally got my hands on a copy of A is for Alibi.  I love a good mystery and this series has been recommended to me numerous times, but I refuse to start a series anywhere but the beginning -- and our last three libraries didn't have a copy of A!

Oh wait, I lied, I'm also reading Confessions: The Murder of an Angel.  It's rather blah at best, so it barely counts.

What's in your library bag this week?

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