Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Shirts for the Whole Family

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I made coordinating Halloween shirts for the whole family. There's a "secret ingredient" that I used for all of these shirts that might surprise you.  Can you guess what it is?

Catherine's shirt is a heavily modified Free Hoodie from Brindille & Twig.  I shortened the sleeves, omitted the hood and pocket, and added a ruffle to the bottom.  Removing the hood meant that I had to add a neckband; I used the 80% rule and it worked splendidly. The ruffle was a width of fabric and then gathered and attached with a serger.  I am super happy how her shirt turned out!

Dominic's shirt is the School Bus T-Shirt from Oliver + S.  (I won my pattern during a sew-a-long with Whimsical Fabric.)  Dominic really, really, really loves green right now so he was quite happy with his shirt.  

My shirt is the Lane Raglan from Hey June Patterns.  (This one is actually from the pre-updated pattern.  I have yet to print the updated version.  I will.  Eventually.)  I think this is my favorite pattern to wear.  

Don't worry, Hubby isn't missing out on the fun!  (It is "fun", right honey?)   He's getting a GreenStyle Men's Hudson Hoodie.

Did you guess my "secret ingredient" for these shirts?  It's a pair of leggings.  Well, two pairs actually.  I found cute pumpkin leggings in the juniors department at Walmart for less than $4 and all I could see was fabric.  I snatched them up and I think they worked wonderfully for these shirts!  What do you think?  Surprised?  Or did you see it coming?

The black cotton lycra is from NR Fabrics.  It has a great weight and stretch.  It's definitely a quality fabric.  The green is from Girl Charlee.  It's a bit lighter weight and the stretch is a bit less.

Happy Halloween!


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