Sunday, October 16, 2016

Our Library Bag #3

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Too Many Pumpkins was yet another enjoyable book I added to the library list based on Sarah's October Picture Book List.  I've been trying to get my hands on lots of fall picture books for the kids.  Living in Florida is awesome (swimming in October!) but I do miss the traditional fall details -- changing leaves, sweaters, boots, jeans, and the like.

It's a classic.  The illustrations and the story are sweet.  Dominic, appropriately, calls it the "blue book".

We haven't read Scrambled States of America just yet,  It came highly recommended by another homeschool family, so I'm going in with great expectations.  We shall see!

Yes, I borrow books from the juvenile section for myself.  I am loving The Mysterious Benedict Society.  Quirky?  Check.  Odd secrets and a sense of mystery?  Check.  

I've also picked up my first Stephen King book.  My husband really enjoys much of King's writing and I asked him to pick one for me.  He gave me a variety of choices but I think I will start with Hearts in Atlantis.  

I currently have 44 items checked out on my card, with 12 books waiting for pick up tomorrow!  What's in your library bag this week?

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  1. Oh my I LOVE Stephen King!! I haven't read Hearts in Atlantis yet though. It's always good though to see someone reading what you love. My mom going me into his movies when I was younger and I started reading the books in high school. My first book was Salem's Lot. I hope you enjoy your first King book enough to want to read more :)


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