Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little People

Troll dolls. Pogs. Pound puppies. My First Sony. Some of the "coolest" toys from my childhood that my daughter probably won't understand. Well, maybe the puppies. Then there are the toys that I can't wait to share with her: my Little People doll house, my Little Tykes kitchen, and maybe even my American Girl doll Samantha (we'll see about that one though!).

I wonder what she will think of these things . . .

Little People have changed a bit since I was a kid. I had this house:
Vintage 1980 Fisher Price PLAY FAMILY HOUSE with 5 Little People and Accessories

The furniture combination that I had was a little bit different, but very close. I loved the working doorbell, the garage door that went up and down, and the detail inside and out. I remember playing with it for hours! I also had the Little People Airport, Airplane, and Playground. They were awesome! The Little Family went on many adventures.

My daughter recently received the Little People Noah's Ark for her birthday and this past Christmas she received the Little People Nativity Set. These have a slightly different look than the Little People of my childhood. Already at 13 months she spends a lot of time with these toys, I can only imagine that as she gets older she will continue to enjoy her Little People as much as I enjoyed mine--and maybe she will be able to enjoy mine as well.

(So, who out there thought the title was going to be referring to short people?
Also, I need to figure out how to make the pictures a little more uniform in size.)

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  1. Aw!! now I want to go look through the box of little people! and don't forget polly pockets! :)


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