Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where,oh, where is my ______?

Catherine has been practicing a new skill. She likes to put her toys and other items into other objects. I guess that it a good way to learn about volume, shapes, sizes, etc.

It certainly keeps me guessing . . .

She places her Puffs in the crockpot.

She puts Noah and his animals into various containers, cups, jars, drawers, boxes, couch cracks, etc.

Bells are found in shoes and clothes bins.

My sock bin currently has more (clean) diapers than socks in it.

The peanut butter jar is in the Dr. Pepper box.

She often will carry around her bottle and then Peter and I have to scramble to find it for bedtime. A week or two ago a bottle was missing for two days before Peter found it--in his laptop bag.

When sitting on the couch she will even try to put toys, bottles, and food up your shorts if you aren't wary.

Currently we are missing two items: a bottle and the living room t.v. remote. The problem with the bottle is that it was half full. Of milk. And its been missing for over 48 hours. The loss of the remote is problematic because that is how I change the t.v.'s input/output functions (not sure if that's the right terminology) to watch things from the DVD and VCR players, the computer, the Wii, etc. Also, the physical buttons on the t.v. are showing their age and don't always seem to be one hundred percent reliable; but the remote always does work.

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