Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Wow, we just had an earthquake.

It looks like it was only a 5.8 (or 5.9--its still being determined). That's just a mere fraction of the horrible quake in Japan in March, which was somewhere around a 9, or the one that devastated Haiti last year. I'm also sure that people from places like California would continue on as if nothing happened.

But it scared me.

I was in the living room with Catherine. She was eating puffs and I was on the phone (trying see when maintenance would come fix our fridge!) when it sounded like a semi was heading straight though the door and the apartment was moving. At first I thought that the building was sliding down the hill, then I was terrified of a terrorist attack, then--about three seconds later--I realized it was just an earthquake. I grabbed my daughter and hugged the doorjamb as tightly as I could. Everything was shaking. Some items fell off shelves. Pots and pans were clanging together. Car alarms were blaring . It only lasted about 30 seconds and then everything was still again. I grabbed my keys and cell phone and went outside. I was afraid that the building might have suffered structural damage.

After a few minutes and talking to fellow residents I went back inside. I didn't see any new cracks and everything seems to be working just fine. (Other than the fridge--but that wasn't working well before...)

I didn't like having the building shake around me and my little girl. To be honest, it rather terrified me. Now that it all over and everything seems to be alright it is a little exciting.

Just a little.

But now I have a question or two... Is it safer to be inside or outside? Why? Once it's over what should one do? Why can't they predict these things?

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  1. Outside. Just watch Captain Correlli's Mandolin.


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