Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh . . . Canada?

I was brought up to bleed red, white, and blue--and don't get me wrong, I love my country very much. (Of course, it seems to be building an insurmountable plethora of problems . . . ) But, wow. Based on a Netflix recommendation I have been watching Heartland lately, and my goodness the land is gorgeous!

The show is set in Alberta; with a good portion of the filming takes place outside of Calgary and High River, Alberta. I had never really thought too much about the country to our North, but just look at this beautiful picture from Moraine Lake:

File:Moraine Lake 17092005.jpg

Isn't that just breath-taking? Don't you just want to climb those mountains? Have a picnic at the edge of the forest? Put your toes in the water?

There is no question that I would happily live there! However, I don't think that I would ever be a Canadian, I'd always be an American living in Canada.

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  1. I've actually job-hunted in Canada. Esp. after we saw that HGTV house-hunting special in Quebec last year on the OBX. But, to be fair, there are lots of places that look like the photo you posted, within the U.S. Locations along the Rocky Mountain chain in CONUS and also Alaska.


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