Monday, August 29, 2011

Pretty Unscathed by Irene

It was quite a storm. Wind. Rain. Thunder. Lightning. More Rain. More Wind.

Millions were, and many continue to be, without power. We were very lucky, our power was only out for about ten hours--and most of those were overnight. Everything in our fridge stayed cool. (So glad that the latest fix seems to be holding!) I had a fairly sleepless night listing to the wind howling and whipping around the apartment. Happily Catherine didn't seem to mind it too much and slept pretty well; which for her means only waking up about a half-dozen times through the night.

There are many trees down, lots of power outages, a good bit of flooding, and quite a lot of small debris still out there today. In our area it wasn't too bad--it could have been much worse. The east coast wasn't completely unscathed though; people lost their lives, some lost homes, some lost their livelihood.

My prayers go out to those in need.

I'd also like to say thank you to all those participating in the clean up--especially PEPCO for getting our power restored so quickly!

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