Friday, February 3, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

I've been seeing these all over the blogosphere, and I think it is finally time for me to participate!  For more of these check out Hallie who is hosting for Jenn this week.


Ok, I realize that the quality of this picture is pretty low.  But I took a bunch of pictures and sadly, this was
the best.  This is Catherine's office.  She has the toolbox as a chair and the coffee table is her desk.  She has her
 toy phone waiting for her important call.  She has her current favorite book.  She is all set.


Catherine is sleeping in her crib!  It is so nice to be able to roll over without being 
afraid of squishing her, or being afraid of smothering her with my pillows.
It is nice to have room again; it is amazing how much space her little body takes.


On a related note, Catherine is sleeping through the night.  
Wait, I don't think that quite expresses how happy/thrilled/joyful/ecstatic I am.


That's better.  It only took a little over eighteen months.  She still wakes up some, 
but rarely needs anything other than assurance that Peter and are still around.
Well, sometimes she wants her water bottle filled or needs help getting tucked back in
or getting untangled from her blankets or some such.  But after over a year and
a half of waking up four to fourteen times a night--or even worse (not kidding, 
this kid was a horrible sleeper) I am thrilled to actually be getting some rest.


I guess that I still have a couple of pictures/things to share from the 2012 March for Life.
I posted on the Facebook pages of the local networks--Fox, CBS, NBC--asking why they
didn't cover the March for Life.  All of my posts were deleted in under five minutes.  I did post
a comment on one of the intentionally misleading slideshows with a link to one of my posts
and that is still there.  I even got some people to click over to my blog!    

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I arrived to the March site early.  Pro-lifers had pile
of signs all around for those of us who didn't have one.  This is just one small one in front
of the Natural History Museum.  I would also like to add that at the end of the day all the signs and
garbage was very neatly put in the proper receptacles.   


I have about a dozen crochet projects going right now.  If nothing else comes up this
weekend's (and probably all next week's) craft goal is to work only
on already started projects.  No new ones.  
Then I need to get those and some of my other already completed items listed in
my Etsy store, and maybe some pics on my Facebook page.


I've been looking into being a vendor at more craft fairs.  I loved the one I did in December
and have been emailing a bunch of different people for more information.  If 
anyone sees any info about a local church or community one please feel free to let me know!
(Of course, I am mostly looking at local ones--greater DC area.)

I really wish that there was a magical way to get housework done.  There seems to be a
magical force that keeps it from getting accomplished.  (Some might say this magical force
comes in the guise of the most adorable toddler in the whole wide world.)

She just had to twitch her nose and  the dishes would be done and the laundry
clean and folded.  Also, it never seemed that Tabitha had a toy out of place.

Ok, to be fair, I never watched the Jetsons, so  I don't actually know what Rosie's roll was; however,
in this picture she is dusting and vacuuming, all while dressed as a maid.  I think it is safe to assume
that she performed the basic housework duties that so badly need to happen in my humble abode.

As house elf I assume some of Dobby's tasks would have been of the tedious nature--dishes, clothes,
floors, bathrooms, trash, etc.  Of course, in his world there was a fair bit of magic and he was rather abused.
Poor little guy.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad to hear that Miss Catherine has decided to sleep! That's wonderful news! Someday, Miss Bethany will have to do the same :-) And I'm happy to see that she still likes her book. By the way, has she picked up any new dance moves lately?

  2. Glad your princess is sleeping through the night. I'm lucky in that my son started fairly early (as in at like 8 months).

  3. Thank you, Ladies! Of course, the night after I posted about her sleeping she woke up seven times! But last night was good again, so I can't complain.

    And oh yes, Catherine is picking up some moves! I keep meaning to catch them on video . . .


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