Saturday, April 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I am nervous and super excited about vending at the Craft Festival this weekend.  (If there are any fellow Marylanders out there, I'd love to see you at the Anne Arundel County Fair Grounds!)  As I write this I still have a bit that I'd like/need to finish but since preparing for the Craft Fair has been a major part of my week I thought that would serve as a theme today. UPDATE: Today (Saturday) was super dead--I think because it was cold.  There is lots of cool stuff, please come check it out!

I am attempting to pack boxes without wrinkling, smushing, wrinkling, bending, or in any way harming any item.  Of most concern are the handmade cards and to some extent the rose broaches--otherwise everything should be pretty resilient.  However, I really want to at least arrive with everything looking perfect!

I picked this up at Goodwill.  I'm not exactly sure what it's original purpose was, but I want to take off the loops and put on hooks of some type and turn it into a scarf tree.  (Anyone out there have any ideas what it was for originally? My thought was Beanie Baby holder.)

I am still working on some of my signage.  Right now, my thinking is that I will put them in basic black or silver picture frames, I just need to hunt down a few more--I might need to make a quick trip to the dollar store.  I am hoping that this makes the signs stand out and look somewhat classy.

I made these cute little business cards using Google Docs and my Sizzix.  I used high quality cardstock from my scapbooking and card-making stash.  I used a couple of different colors and these two dies--which came in the same set!  They might be somewhat simple, but I am pretty happy with how they turned out.

I still need to plan what I am going to wear.  UPDATE: I chose poorly for Saturday--cute outfit, but not warm enough.  It was cold!

Ok, so I couldn't make it through seven takes without some pictures of my girl!  Yesterday, while I was trying to be productive, she was being a silly little monkey climbing on everything.  These are from when she was climbing (and jumping) on the ottoman.  

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  1. Swetty pie she is in that Pink outfit. Did you make it? Craft Festivals are fun. Signage cards are adorable. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hope your weekend was a huge success! The weather does pay a huge part, not much we can do about that. I'm in Westminster, not too far away! Thanks for joining our party! Hope to see you again!


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