Monday, April 30, 2012

Teaching Time for Toddlers Tuesday--Flashcards

I had written about some of the learning time activities that I do with Catherine before.  I try to take at least a few minutes everyday to teach her something.

These are the bug cards we have.
Don't let the butterfly fool you--
there are cockroaches and earwigs
and other scary looking bugs in this set.
Flashcards are still a big item right now.  I have a couple of sets that I picked up at the dollar store and a few sets from a consignment sale.  She is getting pretty good at recognizing the different pictures.  Generally we start by going through a stack and I say the name.  Then I give her three cards and ask for a specific one and we work through the deck.  If she is still interested I bring the cards to the table and lay out a bunch and then ask her to find specific ones.  She does especially well with the animal and bug cards.

While I am thrilled that she seems to be grasping the names of things it is frustrating me that she doesn't seem very interested in saying too many of the names.  (With the exception of the bee, she loves to say BEE!)

We also have all of these.  Some of these cards are
kind of . . . wonky.  For example, the "house" has a
observatory complete with a telescope attached to it.

This week I am going to use the same method that we've been using with flashcards while introducing foam letters.  We, well, mostly I, sing the Alphabet Song regularly and I try to spell out names of things for her frequently so I believe it is about time to (begin to attempt) to make some connections.

I am going to try to make "Teaching Time for Toddlers" a regular Tuesday event here on my blog.  I will share what we've been up to and I'd love to see all the wonderful things that you do with your toddlers.  This could be a wonderful opportunity for us Moms to see what others are doing.  So, I am going to give hosting a link party a shot!

PS: This is my first time hosting a link party, so I'd love if you'd help get the word out!
During nap-time I managed to put together a button (it's on my sidebar) but I haven't 
figured out how to do a scroll box to make it easy to grab. UPDATE:
Thanks to an extremely helpful comment, this has been remedied!
Also, feel free to link up a brand new post or one that you wrote a year ago 
or both--as long as its somewhat relevant I am interested in seeing it!


  1. I've been teaching my son the alphabet one letter at a time - we've been having lots of fun. Good luck with your learning.

  2. If you're still looking for how to make a "Grab My Button" box to copy easy, here's what I used....Good luck!

    1. Oh my goodness, what a helpful link! Thank you so much, Shelisa! :-)

  3. What a lovely blog! So happy to have found you and I can't wait to read more. Thanks as well for inviting me over here to link up. :)

  4. Flash cards are really useful and you can play so many different games with them. I love the name of your blog. Thanks for stopping by True Aim! New Follower

    1. I feel that I am only begging to discover just how versatile flashcards can be! Thank you! I follow you now, too! :-)

  5. I haven't really used flashcards too much, but maybe I should try. My son is so verbal and active that I don't know if he would concentrate for very long. Thanks for checking out my Milk N' Honey blog and inviting me here!

  6. thanks so much for the invite! Mini Piwi loves her Mickey Mouse flash cards I got from the dollar store!

  7. Linked up, thanks for the invite. I'll have to keep my eye open for those flashcards, my boys would love examining pictures of cockroaches and earwigs :)

  8. Thanks for the invite and link up! I'd love to have you join my Saturday Show & Tell where mom's share all the great things they've been working on all week! Hope to see you Saturday! :)

  9. Thanks for inviting me to link up my post Fishing for letters. I thin kI may have made a mistake submitting my link. Please let me know if I did, and I will drop back by. I think I entered my blog URL instead of the post URL. Oh, and I am loving your blog! :)

  10. Hello, glad you found my blog that lead me to finding your blog :) I am now a follower and will add your button to my list of linky parties! Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom


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