Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

My Mother will be visiting for the next couple of days.  

The above means that I should be cleaning up the apartment instead of blogging.  This e-card floating around Facebook expresses my thoughts exactly:
I am so proud of how brave Catherine is becoming at the pool.  The first time we went to the pool she didn't even want to walk around the kiddie pool without holding my hand and if her face got just a drop of water on it she needed to get out and wipe it off with her towel.  Just two weeks later she's splashing around with the other kids while I sit on the side and she wipes her face with her hands if necessary.

I finally got around to downloading cell phone pictures to the computer.  Here's a cute Mommy and Me from last year's trip to the OBX.
Not too bad for a self-portrait with a cell phone!  I'm a wee bit wind-blown and posed a little oddly, but that sweet smile my girl has makes up for my oddities!  Plus, the lighthouse actually made it into the frame!

I made Catherine some healthy cookies--seriously, no flour, no oil, and no sugar.  Did she even try them? Nope. Her Daddy and I liked them though!  (Similar to these, but not exactly--the recipe I used only had oats, bananas, and applesauce--but I can't find that one now!  UPDATE: Here it is!)

On Sunday my husband and I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

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