Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. I am very glad that Catherine and I have a pool membership!  One of the major drawbacks of apartment living is that there is no backyard where we can let Catherine run off some energy.  The pool, besides having an Olympic sized big pool and a huge kiddie pool, has a large grassy area with various toys, climbing structures, play kitchens, and sandboxes--which she carefully avoids. 

2. The pool has also been fantastic for me.  I've made it to about twenty morning lap swims in the month of June.  I love being able to get a quick workout in before Peter leaves for work. 

3. With the help of calorie counting (, swimming, and other exercising I am about half a pound away from losing ten pounds in six weeks!

4. Now that I finally got my sewing machine out (shorts/skirt) I've been browsing various online fabric shops.  There are so many beautiful fabrics out there!  I love these from Southern Fabric:


5. Of course, most of the fabrics that I really love are out of my price range--but that doesn't stop me from looking!  Do any of my readers have a go-to place for nice but super inexpensive fabric?  

6. I have a sad tendency to not be able to keep plants alive, but I've had this orchid for a year and a half and it bloomed again!  I am so happy.  It seems to be pretty happy on my kitchen window sill.

7. My baby girl turns two next week.  It might be cliche, but I can't believe have fast she is growing up!

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  1. awe baby just grow too quick right?

  2. The orchid is beautiful. I just stopped by from BPOTW. Maybe you can drop by my post, Picking Blueberries.

  3. I can't ever keep plants alive either, but I'm excited to grow some window sill herbs soon!

  4. I always thought orchids were too exotic to grow until I moved to NZ. I don't grow them, but many, many public gardens around have some gorgeous ones!


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