Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Giveaway Time!

June makes the one year anniversary of my blog!  (Check out my very first post!)  In honor of this "momentous" occasion I am going to have a small giveaway.

As many of you may have noticed we are a fairly frugal family--both by choice and necessity.  (There aren't too many millionaire philosophers out there . . . )  Both my husband and I will agonize over small splurges and larger ones require much consideration and research.  This means that "just" five bucks of guilt free spending money can be quite fun!

So, here is your chance to 
Win Five Bucks to Amazon!

Here are some things that I would consider if I had five guilt free dollars:


  1. I would buy China Glaze nail polish.



    love dare to repair books, i know most of what in them, but it fun to throw em at friends and say you need no man lol

  3. I'd use it towards textbooks for school

  4. I'd let my husband use the $5 toward a book for his Kindle. He rides the bus to and from work every day, so he runs out of stuff to read!

  5. I would put it towards a Fons and Porter Half and Quarter Ruler for quilting, or thread. i love embroidery thread.


    For our Disney trip! :)

  7. It would go straight into my kindle fund!!!


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