Sunday, June 2, 2013

Super Easy and Cute Fabric Headbands

I've been itching to make fabric headbands for a while.  I scoured the internet (O.K., mostly Pinterest) and found this pattern by Jessica.  I loved it at first sight! 

The pattern is super easy, even if you only have minimal sewing skills you should be able to do this project!  It also is a great use of all of those super cute "fat quarters" or other random scraps of pretty fabric lying around.  I used a variety of patterned fabrics and made each one reversible and unique.

As always, I did tweak the pattern a teeny bit.  The first headband (pictured below) that I made I thought was too wide for my head, so I played around with mild width adjustments for all of the subsequent headbands.  

I also followed the link Jessica provided to Mrs. Pea's blog for the child sized headbands.  (I hope I got the name right, my Google Translator only seemed to do a so-so job translating the German.)  I had a bit of trouble with the sizing of this pattern.  My daughter, Catherine, has always had a rather large head.  I added over an inch to the top part and had to add almost three inches of elastic to get this pattern to work for her.  I do like the width of the re-sized headband, but will be playing around to get the pattern just right.   

In closing, a Mother & Daughter shot, sporting matching headbands.  

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  1. SO cute! I love the fabric and the bit of elastic to make them stay. Thanks for linking them at Monday Funday!

  2. Aww! Love the matching Mommy & daughter headbands! so cute!

  3. Love the matching headbands! so cute! I should make some for my daughter. =)

  4. Have to give this a try. Great easy project for young crafter and I to do together!

  5. They are so lovely! Glad you gave the kid one a shot :) I still need to do that. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Cute hairbands! Thank you for linking it up at ~ Rose

  7. You have been featured at Craftionary for your awesome idea.. :) Come and check it out and button up if you like!


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