Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. How many of you lovely readers are making handmade Christmas gifts this year?  I have a few that I want to make, but am not sure how many will actually be finished in time.  (These crochet snowflakes I did were a hit last year . . . )

2. I achieved one of my blogging goals recently!  I have 5,000 fans on my Facebook page!  This makes me a little giddy.  Thank you, everyone!  

3. Any knitters out there?  Magic Loop -- should I learn it or not?  (It's giving me some trouble.)

4. In case anyone cares, I'm at twenty-one weeks and still have yucky morning sickness.  I love this little boy like crazy, but I sure wouldn't mind a break.  (I'm sure my hubby and Catherine wouldn't mind either!)

5. Last night I decided to undertake a rather large project with a time sensitivity.  It might have been a foolish decision.  After you factor shipping time for some of the materials, Thanksgiving get-togethers, Christmas plans, etc., I will have about twenty days to finish said project.  Then add to that the fact that I feel like throwing up about ninety percent of the day . . . I didn't really allow myself any leeway.

6. If I succeed with #5 I will be quite proud of myself.  (And I'll share the results with you!)

7. This made me laugh:
***If you have a minute to enter this $100 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway and leave a comment that would be fantastic!  (The giveaway ends Sunday, November 17, 2013 and is open to US residents.)  There is a blogger contest to see who can get the most comments and while I'm an underdog I'd really love to be competitive.  Thank you so much! ***

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  1. Hilarious meme! Also congrats on the followers; most impressive.


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