Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIPS: Scarf Progress and Hat Ponderings

The coloring is off here a little bit.  It's a rather gloomy day and I used the point and shoot instead of the nice camera.  (Someone needs to do a giant photo dump . . . )

The Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf is coming along nicely.  Catherine has decided that it will be hers.  I am picking up speed, although it still feels pretty slow compared to my crochet speed.

(Speaking of my crochet speed, did you see the hat I whipped up?)

I picked up some circular needles off of Ebay, so now I want to start knitting a hat!  Any beginner pattern recommendations?  I think this one is adorable and it looks easy enough . . . but time will tell.  I haven't actually practiced decreasing (or increasing) stitches but this tutorial makes it look pretty simple.

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