Monday, November 4, 2013

An Easy Peasy Crochet Hat

Never fear, despite my recent foray into knitting I am still a crocheter!

Last week I whipped up a cute winter hat.  It was super duper easy and quick (hence, the "Easy Peasy").  I loosely based the pattern on this Cloche Pattern from Lion Brand. I'll be super honest and say that I don't really love most of the hat patterns from that website. (I'm so sorry Lion Brand!) For the most part they seem a little too frumpy.  (This of course is my own humble opinion--and I am no fashion guru!)

 I used some homespun yarn from my stash.  The original pattern calls for two different hook sizes, I simply increased the number of stitches per round for the brim.  I also added a flower to the side.  Also, this hat stretches!  My three year old is modeling this hat, but it also fit on my husband's head!

The lighting was terrible and my model was only mildly co-operating with me, but I just love my girl's cheesy smile!

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