Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I haven't been working on too much knitting or crocheting this past week.  I've been working on a rather large and must remain secret until next month sewing project.  I just realized about an hour ago that I made a completely ridiculous mistake that means quite a bit of ripping out.  (And I simply cannot find my seam ripper!  Why, oh why, was it not packed in the boxed labeled "Sewing Supplies"?)

While searching for my seam ripper I came across another old WIP that I need to finish, my silver capelet.  Post Christmas craziness I will have to finish this one!

Well, I am giving up on finding my seam ripper, so I have a lovely afternoon of seam ripping with a pin and scissors ahead of me.  My goal is to finish this project by this evening so that I can wrap Christmas presents! 

(Oh, did you see my first ever completed knitting project?  Check out my super cute daughter modeling her scarf!)

I just put this little compilation together!

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