Friday, December 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Christmas Decorations

Jesus is coming!  (Yes, our Kings arrive a bit early.)

1. Let's start the tour with our Christmas tree.  Catherine (age three) and I got into an argument, er, disagreement over whether or not it was "strange" that we have an angel instead of a star at the place of honor.  She insisted that trees have stars.  I tried to take it to Pinterest to prove that lots of people have angels on their trees, but almost every single tree that came up when I searched "christmas trees with toppers" was a star or a bow.  So, Dear Reader, what is on top of your Christmas tree?

2. I love having pretty cabinets with pretty garlands and lights.  They make me happy.

3. This Santa is awesome.

4. I love these glittery snowflakes.  (My husband dutifully puts up with them.)

5. I picked up this festive red tablecloth and chair set for 90% off after my first Christmas as a married woman.  We finally have enough space that they don't completely overwhelm the room.

Why yes, those are art supplies.  We get lots of mileage out of crayons, markers, and paper in this house!

6. You can't have Christmas decorations without some fake poinsettias, right?

7. I love wreaths.  This one doesn't look too bad, even though I pretty much stuff it into a box and pile other decorations on top of it every year.  (We put the more distressed wreath outside on our front door.)

PS: We even have icicle lights on our porch!  But it's morning, so I can't really get a good picture of them right now.

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  1. Looks great! And you already know that we have a star. Should I send C a picture? ;)


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