Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. It's Friday already!?

2. I finished Catherine's Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf just in time for our pre-Thanksgiving ice and snow storm.  (I'll do a full post on it next week.)

3. While the rest of the blog-world is sharing Christmas crafts, this week I shared a Reversible Bucket Hat I made this past spring.  I'm special.

4. Happy St. Nick's Day!

5.  While browsing Pinterest, I came across this picture of St. Nick that I really like:


6. Facebook is now admitting that they want brands (including bloggers) to pay in order to be seen.  While not surprising, they are a business after all, it is annoying.  The suggested price, PER STATUS UPDATE, that they want from me is $60.  Yeah, no thanks. So, if there are some blogs that you really like AND you follow them on Facebook be sure to interact (like, share, comment) with their status updates and photos -- otherwise you probably won't see them much (if at all) in the near future.  (I'm here!)

7. I'd love if you'd enter {this giveaway} and make sure that you say you entered on my blog! (It's for a $100 Amazon Gift Card!)  Thanks so much!

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