Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Works In Progress (WIPS)

Before I say anything about (some of) my current projects, I'd love to invite you all to enter a giveaway that I'm hosting.  The winner will receive a copy of The Knit & Crochet Notebook: Project Planner and Organizer.  I highly recommend this notebook for anyone who knits or crochets.  

Now for the things that are keeping me busy! I am working on a big project right now, but I can't share it until next month.  I'm pretty excited about it.

Meanwhile, I found some of my previous WIPS that got forgotten in our big move.  This pink lacy scarf with violets on the edge is so close to completion.  I think I started crocheting this one over a year ago . . . I really should take an hour or two and finish it!

I'm still working on knitting my purple cowl, although I am tempted to unravel it and start again.  I am not super happy with the starting edge and think that I could do better.  This Homespun yarn is so difficult to photograph!  What do you think?  Should I start over or keep going?

I also started to crochet another hat.  I just find them so relaxing to make while sitting on the couch.  (Unfortunately, with this never ending morning sickness I sit on the couch a lot.)  Catherine wants it to be her Christmas hat.  I have some Christmas yarn somewhere, so maybe a nice red flower or something would make it festive enough to be called a Christmas Hat.

I found this lovely baby yarn in my stash. (I'm still unpacking my crafting supplies and finding all sorts of goodies!)  I'm wondering if 450 yards would be enough to knit a shrug for Catherine.  Do you know of any easy and pretty shrug patterns for a little girl? (She's roughly a 4T.)

(If she were still a baby I would try my hand at this adorable Seamless Yoked Sweater, which Heather of Mama's Notebooks pointed out to me!)

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  1. All sorts of neat yarn here! My word - that homespun looks wonderful. How far along are you? If you're faster than me, I'd say pull it and start over. I'm still such a newbie knitter though that I have to consider how many (many! lol) hours it has taken me to get to a point and to get back to it. My mom crochets and just zooms along.
    If I spot a shrug pattern on Rav, I'll let you know! Happy unpacking - and thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! :)

  2. Aw lovely projects :) I'd personally unravel the cowl, I think if it's bothering you and it's not going to block out then it's worth doing it again. Maybe put the cowl in time out for a bit first though lol.

    What about doing a short sleeve version of the Spring Time in Hollis pattern but skipping the lattice section. Basically a simple raglan shrug but it knits up quickly and the pattern is a nice one to have in your library for when you've got some more yardage :)

    Boo to morning sickness, hope it eases for you

  3. Lovely work, and delightful colors. Feel better soon.


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