Friday, June 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes

These are going to be pretty quick because we want to get to the pool.

1.  We picked up a new game last week, Race for the Galaxy.  It takes a few slow games to understand how it works, but then it really picks up!

2.  What do you think of this fabric?  It caught my eye, but I can't decide it it'd be too busy to wear.  My thought is it could make a cute sundress.

3.  I also like this fabric:

4.  Can you tell I'm itching to do a sewing project?  It's been about 15 years (!) since I've worked with knits, so I'm ready to try again!

5.  Here's a picture of my girl rocking the "Princess Leia Hair":

6.  Here's my boy with the "Fine, Mom.  Take my picture.  Again." expression:

7.  Did you see the Frozen themed giveaway that I'm co-hosting?

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