Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WIPS: Baby Sweater, Update, and a New Party

I cast on a new knitting project this week.  It's the Baby Sophisticate, which is free on Ravelry.  Isn't the yarn a lovely shade of blue?  It's Simply Soft in Ocean.  I've learned a couple new techniques already.  One is so simple I almost had to laugh: the slip stitch.  So easy.  It's just the first time I've come across it in a pattern so I needed to look it up.

I'm still working on my sweater, but I needed a (few) quick project(s).  I didn't take a picture of it today because the progress is probably only noticeable to me.  Do you work on long term and short term projects simultaneously?  Sometimes I just need the satisfaction of completing something.

I am hosting my very first Yarn Fanatic Party this week!  I'd love if you'd link up any of your finished projects that use yarn.  I'm sure you can dig something up to share!

Frontier Dreams with Nicole
Work In Progress with Tami
Yarn Along with Ginny


  1. Hi! I found you through Ginny's Yarn Along. I linked up there for the first time today.

    I just wanted to answer your question. Yes! I almost always have more than one project going on at a time. I have a blanket I've been working on forever but I feel the need to knit or crochet something very quick just to have something done. Although, I started the blanket when I was pregnant with my son, who is about to turn one, so I probably should finish it soon!

  2. I always have more than one project going.....probably too many!! Love the blue of your sweater!!

  3. That's a cute sweater pattern! :)

  4. I LOVE the colour, so vibrant and clear! It's a very cute pattern, too.

    Even though I usually have multiple projects lying around, I tend to get obsessed with one of them and work on it exclusively until it's finished ... multitasking is not for me, it seems. :)

  5. I really love that color. I tend to have a couple of projects on the needles, but will only work on one of them at a time. I'll hit a problem, reach a part that I'm confused with or don't like, or get bored and will move onto something else for a while. Then when that project is finished or hits another stopping point I'll return my attention to whatever I abandoned.

  6. I am so glad someone is working on this baby sweater. I want to knit one for my little guy but I wasn't sure what yarn to use. I might have to find some of yours. It is very pretty! I always knit dishcloths along with my big projects. I like feeling like I accomplished something.

  7. That blue is gorgeous. I do like to have several projects on the go, both long and short term, but right now I have a test knit so I have to just do that really!!

  8. This looks lovely, the stitch definition is picked out so well in that blue. It's really pretty!


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