Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Knitting Pattern: The Purple Ribbed Cowl

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For such an easy knitting project finishing this cowl has been quite a journey.  It started when I was following a different pattern that wasn't completely ribbed.  I didn't like the way it curled so I frogged it.  (I think the curl effect doesn't work as well with the thick and textured Homespun yarn.  In my humble opinion, of course.)  Then I decided to make a cowl that simply was ribbed all around.  Well, I made a rookie mistake and accidentally twisted my foundation.  I didn't notice until I was a couple of inches into the cowl.  Whoops!  So I frogged it again.  The third time was a charm though!

Yarn: Homespun by Lion Brand
Needles: Circular 8 mm


  • Cast on 100 stitches on circular needles.
  • Join.
  • Check to make sure your work isn't twisted.
  • Check again.  Seriously.
  • Round One: Knit two, purl two all the way around.
  • Check once more that your work isn't twisted.
  • Round Two: Repeat round one.  (Knit in all knit stitches and purl in a purl stitches.)
  • Continue until you reach your desired size, mine is about 12 inches tall.
  • Cast off and weave in ends.

This is super cozy, warm, and soft.  It's a great project for a beginner.  It's quick to make.  I think it would make a great handmade gift for a loved one this Christmas.

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  1. Hi Rachel, wow this cowl looks so pretty that you made. Thanks for sharing the pattern to make it!

  2. Very pretty :-) I love the color.

  3. This cowl looks beautiful. I really need to learn how to knit something other than ruffle scarves. Any tips for a crocheter wanting to learn to knit?

  4. Lovely - I wish it was cold enough here for cowls! I know what you mean about checking twice. I've done it before! Even after checking once for no twists, somehow still twisted. Very frustrating as at this time of year, we cannot waste good knitting time on mistakes!

  5. I might try this one out. Lovely colours!

  6. Rachel, your scarf looks like one that I would wear all day (and all night)..le . GREAT! BEAUTIFUL colors and I know that style is warm!


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