Friday, May 1, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Utter Randomness

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1.  What is a niggly wiggly?  It's a real thing.  Seriously.  (Quick Take #7 has the answer.)
2.  Yep.  This is me.  (Although, ironically, I don't actually own a hot glue gun.  Maybe I should get one.  You know, just in case.)

3.  Well, I suppose this is true!
4.  I came across this meme this week and just about spit out my water.
Source: Buzzfeed 
5.  This one is pretty awesome too.
6.  Speaking of reading, this pillow from Jolie Marche on Etsy is fantastic.  As a kid I was routinely guilty of this.  Admittedly, since having kids (especially when one is actually in bed with us) it often ends up being TV instead of books . . . but not always.

7.  A niggly wiggly is the little strip of paper wrapped with a Hersey's kiss.  Now you know.

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  1. That pillow is the best!! I love it!

  2. I love the bookmark meme! And I will have to file away niggly wiggly in the random trivia file of my mind palace. :-)

  3. Terrific choices!! Thanks for the smiles. Wow, a niggly wiggly. I feel that will be a useful bit of knowledge one day...

  4. This is such an amusing 7 Quick Takes hehe. Made me laugh out loud.
    P.S. How can you live without a hot glue gun?! I guard mine with my life, and when I can't find it, ugh! I just go buy another. Hehe.


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