Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Skort for Catherine: The Monkey Bar Skirt (A Sewing Project)

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When I first saw the Monkey Bar Skirt by Crafterhours I simply knew that I'd be making it.  The pattern is free on Craftsy and super easy.  While my girl spends many days dressed up as a princess and loves ballet, she also loves adventurous play.  And she plays hard.  I like giving her a wardrobe that can take her anywhere.  This skirt, with its attached shorts, (hence skort) is perfect for anything -- princess heels or mountain climbing.

I'm an advanced beginner when it comes to sewing.  I made this skort in less than two hours.  (That's reading through the pattern, cutting, sewing, and clean up.)  I think the second time will be even faster.  The material is Navy Blue Tonal Stripe Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric from Girl Charlee.  It's the leftovers from the blue stripes dress that I made for myself.

Since I was using remnants from a previous project I didn't bother with matching the stripes.  I also couldn't get a waistband sized piece without making the stripes vertical.  Although, in all honesty, I really like how that turned out.  I made a size 5, and it seems spot on "regular" sizes.  I do think that I will lengthen the shorts part next time.

By the way, I totally recommend Girl Charlee fabrics.  I bought a bunch of fabric from them during one of their big pre-Christmas sales and have been super happy with everything.  If you're new to them I'd greatly appreciate if you'd use my referral link, I get a couple bucks for every new customer I send their way.  There are some pretty summer knits calling my name . . . 

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  1. This skirt is adorable! You did a great job on it. Thanks for the link to the fabric store that sells knits. I've been trying to find some good knits to try my hand at making myself a t-shirt.

  2. This came out great! It looks lightweight and stretchy making it a nice cool option for running around in. I also like the waistband being with the vertical stripes. Adds more character to this cute little skort.

  3. so cute and love the skirt! Looks like just the thing to wear to swing, climb, jump and cause mayhem at the local park :)


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