Friday, June 5, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Today's This and That

1.  This week I completely overhauled our chore charts.  Honestly, I had some charts months ago and they simply fell by the wayside.  So far this week the house is tidier and I have felt a little more rejuvenated in tackling household projects.  (I kid you not, while I typed "the house is tidier" Dominic dumped cereal all over the dining room floor.  Sigh.)  I am curious, what are your daily must do chores?

2.  In blogging news, I've decided to take this blog to the next level!  I've purchased a domain and (hopefully) will be getting everything redirected this weekend.  I'm not making the leap to self-hosting, but it's certainly a possibility for the future!  Do you own your domain?  Do you do your own hosting?  (I've also got a redesign in the works -- so exciting!)

3.  Despite my recent sewing fail, I have quite a few projects on my docket.  I need to make Dominic a swimming pool hat, like his sister's, ASAP.  My kids have larger than average heads and he's outgrown all of his hats.  I'm hoping for a little mommy downtime this afternoon to sneak in some sewing.

4. Catherine is becoming quite the little photographer.  While doing the sewing fail photo shoot she snapped some pictures of these flowers.  These were the only purple-ish flowers in a sea of yellow.

5. I love swing dancing.  I especially had so much fun dancing in college.  My husband and I still try to dance every so often.  Catherine, Dominic, and I needed some music for an impromptu dance party yesterday and I found this video.  I just love it!

6.  More sewing stuff . . .  I am SO excited that I'll be making this Julia Cardigan soon!  I may have done a happy dance when I received the pattern.  I have no less than five different fabrics that would be perfect for this project. Decisions, decisions.

7. I think I'm going to leave you with six takes this week.  For more go here.

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