Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Sewing Project: The Fox Hat

Dominic needed a pool hat.  I happily decided to sew him one.  I have been very happy with the hat that I made for Catherine a while ago.  I had some adorable fox fabric in my stash.  While technically the hat is reversible, the other side is just plain boring grey.

I used the same free pattern from Oliver + S that I used before as well as the same method of construction by Jessica.  (Her method eliminates hand sewing.  I appreciate hand sewing as a skill  . . . but it takes so much time!)  This hat needed to be practical, not perfect.  

My handsome little model wouldn't stay still for more than .0009 seconds, so these are the best shots that I got.  Of course, he (and his sister) were eager to get to the pool, so I guess that I can't really blame him, can I?

Just curious, did any of you notice my "big" mistake with this hat?  

I was kicking myself for not paying closer attention to what I was doing.  The foxes on the back of the crown are standing on their heads.  (Yes, I realize that now EVERYONE will notice my mistake.)  When I was first laying out the pattern to be cut I remember thinking, "OK, Rachel, just be careful that you get the foxes straight."  Whoops. 

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  1. So cute! And as for the mistake, the foxes will just be right side up when the hat is 'reversed', right? ;-)


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