Wednesday, June 3, 2015


My yarn project that's received the most attention in the past week has been the In Threes Cardigan.  It's such a nice and easy knit!  I spent some time with it during Catherine's dance rehearsal -- it was so nice and peaceful to just knit away while the girls were practicing.

I also had a sewing fail this week, I'll blog about it later.  (Update: it's been blogged about.)

What have your crafty successes or fails been this week?

If you have any finished knit or crochet projects, be sure to share them at my Yarn Fanatic Party!

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  1. Gorgeous blue - it will be lovely! It is great when you can get in a good stretch of knitting time.
    Oh no, sewing fail - how disappointing. Hope it wasn't too much work lost.

  2. Agreed: There's nothing more soothing and satisfying than a simple, easy knit. Looks lovely, relax and enjoy!

  3. I have knit that one twice and I loved it both times and would totally knit it again. I added some embroidery to it on both just for fun - the only projects I've ever done that too. My little one wanted to wear it non-stop because it was so pretty and cozy! I love the blue of yours!

  4. That looks so lovely - beautiful colour.


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