Monday, April 25, 2016

Disney Princess Bounding with Earrings from Amazon

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Have you heard of Disney Bounding?  Simply put, Disney Bounding is a way of dressing up as your favorite character without actually being in costume. You use regular everyday clothes and accessories.  These earrings, all from Amazon, are some great finishing touches for your Bounding outfits!

Belle needs a red rose, doesn't she?

Merida's a great shot with her bow and arrow.

Snow White shouldn't have taken a bite of that poisoned apple.
A pumpkin makes a magical carriage for Cinderella.

Watch out for that spinning wheel, Aurora! 

Tiana wouldn't be complete without a frog.
Jasmine's best friend is a Tiger.
Obviously, Elsa's best accessory is snow.
These cherry blossoms show off Mulan's girly side.
Pocahontas wouldn't be complete without a feather or two.

If you are able to visit Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, make sure to check out my Scavenger Hunt!  It's lots of fun looking for all of the carefully placed details, it really does add another layer to your visit!

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  1. These Disney Princess inspired earrings are so pretty! My daughter turns 7 next month and she's going to get her ears pierced, so she will love these! :) Thank you for sharing!


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