Saturday, March 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

ONE:  Religious Freedom is something that I treasure.  This week I blogged about the HHS Mandate and also about the Religious Freedom Rally that Catherine and I attended.  I do feel that this is an issue that all Americans should be concerned about--it isn't just a Catholic issue.

TWO:  I recently started a crochet project using crochet thread--which is a first for me.  The scarf is turning out to be quite lovely--if I do say so myself.  However, it is taking so long!  I actually began a baby blanket (with a thicker thread and bigger hook, of course) to feel like I was making progress on something.  I guess that I am just too impatient.

THREE:  Catherine has developed this adorable habit of "Cheers!"  I have no idea where she picked it up, but now whenever she is drinking and she spots someone else with a cup she goes over and clinks glasses.  It is so cute!

FOUR: I need to cull through my inbox.  There are quite a few messages piling up that "need attention".

FIVE:  Lent is almost over!

SIX:  One of the "learning time" activities that I do with Catherine every day is to go through a couple stacks of flashcards.  She is doing an excellent job of recognizing the pictures; when I ask her to find a particular one she generally is able to point it out.  One of the sets that  I got at the consignment sale is all insects--which she seems to like, but I actually find some of them kind of icky!  (Can you say cockroach?  Or earwig?  Or silverfish?)  Oh well, I guess if she likes bugs and such then she can be the one to get rid of them for me when she's a little older . . .

SEVEN:  I really am enjoying having a blog.  I am learning as I go--but I AM learning!  My little blog hit a big-for-me milestone this week.  I passed 10,000 page views (according to blogger).  Another cool milestone is that one of my crafty posts was featured on another blog!

PS: In other bloggy news, my first ever giveaway will be ending on April 2nd--so you should sign up if you haven't already!  ;-)

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