Friday, March 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes

ONE: My absolute favorite pizza is LaRosa's.  Sadly, it can only be found in the Greater Cincinnati area. Happily, their sauce is now sold in local grocery stores.

TWO: Cincinnati style chili is quite a bit different from "normal" chili.  Special ingredients include cinnamon and chocolate.  It is more like a sauce than traditional bean chili.  Also, I didn't even know that beans were considered an integral element to chili by most until I was in college.

THREE: Did you know that when you fly into Cincinnati (CVG) you don't land in Cincinnati?  You don't even land in Ohio.  The airport is located in Kentucky.

FOUR: I am loving this crazy "winter" weather!  We enjoyed some time at the park--with just a light jacket!  Catherine is becoming very independent.  While at the park she managed to climb around on the kiddie section without help--including going up steps and going down slides all by herself.  On the big kid section she still needs lots of help but she does go down all of the slides all by herself.  Even the super-duper-fast one.  (I wish I had a picture picture to share, maybe later!)

FIVE: February 27th marked the nine year anniversary of my hubby and I being together.  We began dating in 2003 while we were in college, he was a freshman and I was a sophomore.  We were married in June of 2006.  It is funny, I both can't believe that its been that long and its hard to remember life without my best friend at my side. 

SIX: I am currently reading the Princess Diaries Series.  (Yes, I have a thing for teen fiction!)  It might be the first time that I significantly prefer a movie's portrayal of a character over the book's.  I just loved Julie Andrews as Grandmere.  That is NOT how she is in the book.  So far I am only finding the books to be average--to be honest, I am a little disappointed.  Oh well, they are quick reads.

SEVEN:  Catherine and I are having a lovely visit with my family.  I love watching her interact with all of her extended family.  She is old enough now to both recognize and be excited to see people.

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