Thursday, March 22, 2012

T.V. Medical Examiners--How Real Are They?

Two of the shows that I am currently working my way through--Body of Proof and Crossing Jordan--feature medical examiners.

So far I enjoy both shows--the characters are interesting, there are overarching themes, etc--but I have one major criticism: the medical examiner does EVERYONE's job.  It really seems that these shows make the ME out to be the lead detective, the interrogator, the one with the cuffs, the law, the judge, the jury, etc.  (Not to mention the various illegal activities that are performed in the name of finding the truth--breaking and entering, missing warrants, etc.)

Now, (obviously) I am not a medical examiner.  I have no intimate knowledge of what an ME's daily duties are.  I do very much appreciate the work that they do.  But are shows like these taking too much of a literary licence?  Does this belittle the actual work that they do perform?  Or, am I completely mistaken and they (to some degree) do perform everyone's job?

Do you know?

Thank you for reading my random topic of the day!  And please no spoilers--I hate knowing what happens beforehand! 

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