Wednesday, March 14, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday -- Catherine and My "Vintage" Kitchen

While visiting my family in Kentucky we had to spend some quality time in the basement due to the tragic tornadoes just miles away.  Catherine took this opportunity to check out a lot of the toys from my childhood.  This Little Tykes Play Kitchen was one of my prides and joys.  It is not in pristine shape, but she loved it.  Someday I look forward to bringing this toy into my house--but not until we have more space.  A lot more space!

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  1. OMG We had one of those too and I used to play with it all the time as a kid with my cousins. Many mud pies were made on its stove. And I whacked a cousin on the head with one of its plastic bowls. And made her cry. And then the cousins left...

  2. PS I think you have plenty of space! You should go ahead and bring it.

  3. Awww.

    Just make sure that you only bring your playfood/dishes when you take it! I will want to keep my sets. ;)

    (It should be fairly easy to tell them apart, but just sayin'.)

    1. Of course you should keep your sets! You and I would go through and have lots of fun doing it, I'm sure! :-) Mine are even more "vintage" than yours.


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