Friday, January 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes: The First of 2014!

These takes are going to be short and sweet.  Catherine and I are both currently not feeling well and we're getting spoiled at the in-laws. 

1. Happy New Year!

2. Catherine and I welcomed the new year with colds.  Here's hoping they leave soon.

3. I am officially in the third trimester!  (I should really take a baby bump picture sometime, shouldn't I?)

4. Monday morning I am scheduled to take the one hour glucose test.  I'd love some prayers that all goes well.

5. Catherine is still insistent that Porcupine is the best name for the Baby.

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6. Did you see how cute Catherine looked at her Auntie's wedding?  If not, check it out {here}.

7.  I've decided to drop the Linky Followers.  (Sorry!) I always forgot to update that site anyways.  I'd love if you'd follow me on Bloglovin'.  Also, you can feel free to join my seven followers on Google+.

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  1. Hope you're feeling better soon! And congratulations for your new baby! That last trimester is always the longest I think!

  2. I hope you guys are feeling better soon! Starting off the new year with a cold is almost as bad as starting it off with AF. :-P

  3. Happy New Year and congratulations on your 3rd trimester, You are in my thoughts and prayers with your glucose test. I hated those!

  4. Aww I hate that you guys welcomed in the new year with colds. I did with a sinus infection and ear infection. No fun, but it is worse for you since you are pregnant. Good luck with the glucose test, I know those can be hard to stomach.

  5. Hope you two feel better soon. Catherine definitely looked cute at the wedding :) Congratulations on the baby, how exciting! I will keep you in my prayers that all goes well on Monday. :)

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