Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes: From Catherine's Point of View

This morning I had zero inspiration for today's Quick Takes.  So I turned to my three year old, Catherine, and asked her what I should blog about today.  Here are the topics that she suggested:

1. Glitter Crayons.  Seriously, why were these not around when I was a kid?  These are awesome.  I don't know where my sister picked them up, but I'm glad that she gave Catherine multiple boxes of them for Christmas. 

2. Dora Coloring Pages. Catherine has two modes of coloring: crazy and meticulous.  (I suspect lots of three year girls are like this.)  I might have helped on some of the diamonds.  Hey, I wanted to color with those cool glitter crayons.

3. Red Flower.  This is one of the flowers from her flower girl bouquet. She loves to carry the flowers around pretending to get married.  (Always wearing a princess dress, of course.)

4. The Feast. Catherine received some play food and dishes for Christmas this past weekend.  We've had some pretty amazing make believe meals.

5. Teeny, Tiny Mouse.  This is one of Catherine's go to books.  (Please ignore the fact that I haven't done her hair yet this morning.  We were discussing what to blog about before seven in the morning.  We're not all put together at that time of day.  Especially since I still have morning sickness pretty badly for a couple of hours in the morning.)

6. Doctor's Kit.  I don't think I can tell you how many times I've been to the "doctor" this week.  I had my 31 week checkup this week and she didn't understand why I needed to go since she already checked me.

7. A Little Puppy.  This little guy has been Catherine's faithful companion this week.

I'll be linking up with Jen, stop by if you'd like to see more quick takes!  
(Mine will probably be the only ones dictated by a three year old.)

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  1. Making myself a mental note to buy glitter crayons next time I'm at the store.
    Little boys will like them too, right? :)


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