Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes

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1. Ah, the pregnancy insomnia.  You have to *love* how everyone always comments, "Get your sleep now, dear, you're going to miss it."  I already miss it.  I'm just praying Porcupine sleeps better than his sister.  She was a terrible sleeper.  It doesn't help that I've been having a plethora of bizarre and just plain odd dreams.  Last night I dreamed I was at my childhood library -- which hasn't even been a library in over a decade (maybe longer).  I think the last time I visited my hometown it was a carpet store, but I could be mistaken.  Other dreams are downright creepy.

2. I have a small gripe with Disney.  My daughter received some very awesome princess dresses and accessories for Christmas from various generous family members.  Many of the jewelry pieces are falling apart.  (It hasn't even been a month yet!)  Let me be very clear, this is not from misuse or abuse.  The inlaid "gems" and such just simply fall out.  Obviously, these are all easy fixes and once I get my craft room under control I'll use my craft glue and they will be better than new.  (Literally, since I'll use a small dab of E-6000 and that stuff is permanent, unlike whatever was originally used.)

3. I'm going to frog this cowl today.  I just don't like the way the edge curls.  I am going to re-do it entirely as a rib knit.  I know that it only curls up just a teeny bit, but this is something that I want to wear and I just don't think I'd wear it much if I'm not completely happy with it.  (Like my Neon Flamingo scarf that I showed you on Wednesday -- I'm going to turn that one into an infinity scarf.  It will take five minutes and I'll wear it more often because I'll be happier with it.)

4. A random fact about me: I just might be a little bit addicted to Wii Tetris.  Anyone else out there have a similar confession?

5. Yes, the following is an affiliate link, but I do want to share that Craftsy will be having a flash sale this weekend.  This weekend you can choose from over 50 classes in 14 categories that are up to 50% off and start learning from the comfort of your own home. Categories include cooking, photography, sewing, quilting, fine art, knitting, and more! Check out the flash sale (tomorrow) here: Craftsy Flash Sale 1/18-1/19.

6. Here's a snippet of my day yesterday:
Catherine: "I got marker on my hands."
Me: "That's fine.  When you're finished coloring you can wash your hands."
Catherine: "I'm not coloring.  I am marking."
Me: "Well, yes . . ."
Catherine: "Do you want to take another shower today?"
Me: "No.  I'm fine.  I had a shower this morning."
Catherine: "Did you wash everything?"
Me: "Yes, dear."
Catherine: "Are you sure you washed your face?"
Me: "Yes.  Why?  Is there something on my face?"
Catherine: "No.  I just wanted to watch another show." 
(She is allowed to watch something on Netflix -- no commercials and I know exactly what it is -- while I shower.  It keeps her safely occupied and I generally get an uninterrupted shower.  Totally a win-win in my book.  I just completely didn't see where she was going with this conversation!  Especially since I've been rather generous in allowing her t.v. time this pregnancy.)

7. My parents are coming to visit this weekend and we are going to celebrate Christmas!  Personally, I rather love how this naturally keeps us in the Christmas spirit throughout the whole season.  (I know that technically the Christmas season ended Sunday.)  We still have all of our decorations up.  I'll probably work on putting it away next week.  When do you pack all the Christmas stuff away?

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  1. I'm also having issues with Disney right now. I got my daughter a necklace that has a clasp and within an hour the clasp broke apart and the necklace got lost. Disney pretty much said 'Awww that's too bad but once we get more in you can pick up another one.' Really?

  2. The insomnia is quite annoying.
    I don't know what is better---to be prepared for sleepless nights, or to get tons of sleep now to stock up!
    My son wasn't a great sleeper--he had to be held 24/7, so I'm hoping the new baby will be a little more independent than that :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I personally get better sleep with a newborn than while I'm pregnant. Even though I was up just as often is was better quality sleep because I could get comfortable. There is hope though! All babies are different. My three have been similar and easy to please it similar ways, but one had colic (but by three months old was my best sleeper to date!!!) One hates to go to sleep (still 5 years later) but stays asleep once gives into to bedtime. The last was a great newborn but still wakes up as a thriving 15 month old. I hope that you are pleasantly surprised by "Porcupine's" demeanor. You all are in my prayers!

  4. I wish I had your talent for knitting. I seem to constantly drop stitches or when I'm done it the project doesn't look anything like it was supposed to. I love the cowl you're working on though. The yarn and colors are pretty!

  5. No, but I love playing old school Dr. Mario on the Wii! :) I should do that again this weekend; it's been awhile . . .

  6. I also can't knit. But I hate to hear about the pregnancy insomnia, between that and the heartburn, I'm not sure how I made it through 3 pregnancies!

  7. I'm at the end of taking my decorations down; all that's left is the greenery, tree and lights.
    And I didn't need to know there was such a thing as Wii tetris. I mean, it doesn't matter because I don't have a Wii...but I kinda want to get one now just for tetris.

  8. I think that I got more sleep with a newborn too. Then again, with 7 kids, I learned how to co-sleep and nurse while dozing. That really helped with developing the baby's sleep patterns early on.

  9. I love all old school nintendo games, although I need to get Tetris!! I am thinking of using your technique for showers with my son, I want uninterrupted shower time!!


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