Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes: A Bit of This & That

1.  Here's a teaser for my upcoming giveaway!  If you'd like to win beautiful hand dyed yarn from an awesome Etsy shop be sure to check back here this weekend!

2.  Catherine enjoys Reading Eggs so much that she actually will ask to play before breakfast.  (You still have have time to get a five week free trial.  You can find out how here.)

3.  I am rather absurdly proud of the little baby sweater I made.

4.  This week I got a Lands' End catalog in the mail, so of course I've been browsing through all of the lovely summer styles.  (If money were no object I'd have quite a closet full of Lands' End clothing.)  I am a little bit in love with these pink Chino shorts:

Source: Lands' End
5.  This spring will be, let's say, a wardrobe challenge.  Every mother goes through it -- the postpartum stage where neither maternity nor regular clothes fit quite right.  I'm thinking comfy skirts and I really like Mama2primus's suggestion of open front sweaters.  (I really love this pattern from Go To Patterns.  I wonder if I have/will have time to sew a couple . . . )   I'd love to hear what worked for you! 

6.  Those of you who haven't wasted your time watching frivolous t.v. shows (good for you) won't find it as amusing that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are reportedly engaged as I do.  (I don't follow celebrity gossip, really I don't, it just popped across my newsfeed.)

7.  Lent begins on Wednesday.  For the past three weeks I've been terrified that Lent already started and I somehow missed the memo.  (Yes, my pregnancy "worry hormones" have been in overdrive.)

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  1. Honestly, in that awkward stage I just bought some clothes a few sizes up from a thrift store. My friend and I actually had these pants we called "the perfect pants" that fit us both during that stage of post-maternity - and since our pregnancies ended up kind of staggered, we just passed that pair of pants back and forth! :)


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