Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes: My Weekly Post of Randomness

1. I realized I didn't do a "What I Wore Wednesday" post this week -- which I'm trying to do as a Baby Bump record more than a fashion record.  (Because who would I be kidding. Me? Fashion?! Ha!)  So, here I am today at 35 weeks and a few days:

2. With the help of a friend, we picked up a new-to-us piece of furniture over the weekend.  I'm oddly excited about this.  Eventually, we are going to refinish it to be darker, but that will most likely be after Baby makes his debut.  I really love the size and the lines that it has!

3. If you have toddlers, please enter this giveaway for a Handmade Belt.

4. I love linking up my crafty projects at various blog "parties" around the web.  Right now there are a plethora of St. Patrick's Day crafts, which makes sense, given that his feast day is March 17th.  Many of these crafts involved green, clovers, and the like, but I was originally stumped by the amount of rainbow "St. Patrick" crafts.  Maybe it's the end of pregnancy brain fatigue, or maybe I am just slow on the uptake, but I think it might be because I was looking at St. Patrick's day from my "homeschooled Catholic" perspective (i.e., it's a feast day of a saint who was born in England, was brought to Ireland as a captive, who escaped, became a priest, returned to Ireland, taught the people about Christianity, and according to tradition, used a three leaf clover to help explain the Blessed Trinity) instead of looking at it from a more secular point of view (i.e., it's an Irish holiday, that means green, shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold at the end of a rainbow).  What do you think?

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5. I have a half finished rainbow pot holder blog post that I should finish . . . especially if rainbows are currently "in".

6. Actually, I have a lot of half finished blog posts that I should finish.  How many posts sitting in drafts do you tend to have at one time?

7. It's rainy here today, but it's warm.  It might be a good day to find some puddles.

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  1. #2--love that dresser! It's fun to have makeover projects…not that I actually do them on any sort of timeline, mind you, but I have two kid dressers that are just begging to be made over.
    #4--I think you're right on the money. Nearly everything surrounding St. Patrick's Day--unless you're the intentional Catholic type--is about leprechauns and their pot of gold, shamrocks, dyeing rivers green, and plenty of beer. When I was growing up in St. Louis, St. Patrick's Day was actually even a worse day for being out on the road than New Year's Eve due to all the drinking and driving.
    Glad to have found your blog from your comment on mine :)


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