Wednesday, February 12, 2014


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I'm quite a bit south of the Mason-Dixon line, and we currently have snow!  We are expected to get a lot more snow today, so I will be cozily working on my knitting and crocheting while streaming the Olympics. 

I've been wanting to crochet some hats with the half double stitch for a little while. (Take a Craftsy class to learn this stitch!)  I think the stitch would look nice but I've been having a difficult time finding a pattern that I like.  I found this one, but I don't think that the increases are staggered properly.  (Yes, it is a minor detail, but it bothers me!)  My grand plan is to make one (mostly) according to the pattern and then develop my own pattern.  Do you have a favorite half double crochet hat pattern?

Catherine, in all adorableness, asked me to make matching hats for her and Porcupine.  (I'm 34 weeks along today!)  She then clarified that she wants them to be matching monster hats -- so I will have to see what I can fit onto a newborn's hat.  Do you know of any monster hat patterns that would work well for both a newborn and a toddler?

I've been slowly adding rows to Catherine's Poncho/Cape.  (I really need to decide what I am going to call it!)  This project is certainly a work in patience. 

Please ignore the fact that the yarn is still in the bag, and artfully staged on Porcupine's car seat box.
My daughter is even more of a yarn addict than I am.  We made a stop at Michael's on Sunday to check out the Lion Brand yarn sale going on this week and she wanted me to get Vanna's Choice yarn in every color.  I was the one who had to limit us to a handful of skeins.  She is very eager to learn how to crochet or knit.  I don't think she quite has the fine motor skills necessary yet, but I've started letting her play with a hook and yarn.  How old were you when you learned how to knit or crochet?  Or how young have you taught your child(ren)?

I did finish that poor neglected blue hat that I told you about last week.  It was a Work In Progress for about a year for no real reason.  

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  1. Your WIPs are looking very nice :-)
    You can find lots of hat patterns on Repeat Crafter Me that fit all sizes.

  2. A newborn in a monster hat, now that's going to be so cute!
    I come from a family of knitters and think that my mum and grandmother let me have a 'go' when I was fairly young. My son was about 6 1/2 - 7 when I taught him.

  3. Nice wips! Love the finished hat, very cute model!

  4. I was probably 7 when I learned to crochet the first time, then learned tunisian when I was 13. I didn't learn to knit until I was 40!!! I taught my girls when they were 5 and 8, the younger relearned at 10, the elder tried again at 13. They just aren't interested. I would think knitting would be easier to teach than crochet. At 7 I could never understand where to put my crochet hook. All I did was make chains. LOL!

  5. I learned to knit in elementary school, probably second grade. I knit my first sweaters in the fifth grade, but I didn't learn to crochet until adulthood. You have lots of fun wips. I am interested to see your monster hats when they are complete.


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