Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIWW: 36 Weeks Pregnant

Here's another week of my Baby Bump!  I've been playing with the self-timer on the camera, but I never quite caught myself fully smiling.  Oh well.

I am feeling . . . very pregnant these days.  Even some of my maternity clothes don't seem to have enough to cover my ever expanding belly.  I can't wait to hold little Porcupine in my arms! I've been washing all of his little clothes and they are just too adorable!  (I even knit him a little sweater!)

I suppose I should be thinking about what I will be wearing postpartum.  Fellow mamas, what were your favorite items for shortly after the baby arrived?  With my daughter I had a rather rough recovery and just wore whatever didn't annoy me.  I'd like to be a little bit "cuter" this time around, but also don't want to spend much money.

I'll be linking up at The Pleated Poppy and I Feel Pretty.


  1. I recommend a drapey open front sweater. :) even if you just have sweats or even pjs on the bottom it helps me feel pulled together.

  2. I "outgrew" my maternity clothes with all of my kids at the very end. Don't miss that! I think I just wore yoga pants and long tops all the time.


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