Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our Library Bag #4 and WIPS

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I'm combining posts today.  (Ginny's Yarn Along includes both knitting and reading, and she's awesome, so I might as well follow suite this week!)  Without further ado, here's what I'm knitting and reading right now:

After all of the Halloween costume crafting (Rey and BB8 from Star Wars) and coordinating shirt sewing, I am enjoying a very simple knitting project.  It's a straightforward, rolled-brim, no fuss, super basic beanie.  I'll share the pattern with you when I'm finished. 

I also finally published my free Peacock Hood Crochet Pattern!  I really love the way that this hood turned out.  I used the incredibly popular Caron Cakes, and I think the color changes really work for this project, but of course you could use any similar weight yarn.

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The library shelf in our personal library is bursting at the seams.  As of today I have 54 books checked out on my card.  I asked Catherine, age 6, to select three of her current favorites for me to highlight on the blog.  She brought me the following:

Gazpacho for Nacho: It's a cute little story about a boy who only likes to eat one food, you guessed it, gazpacho.  The story is filled with Spanish words, which is such a great way to introduce another language.  (The glossary in the back is fantastic for non-Spanish speaking parents like myself.)  Despite it's message that there are a plethora of awesome foods out there it hasn't encouraged my picky eater to branch out.  (Shout out to Sweeping Up Joy for this recommendation!)

A Place for Zero: Catherine loved Fractions in Disguise so much that I immediately checked the library to see how many of the Math Adventure books they had.  Sadly, there aren't many, but I put holds on all that I could, of course.  Personally, I'd say A Place for Zero is rather weak compared to the fractions book, but it was still a good book.

Cranberry Thanksgiving: Now that it's November I have a giant stack of Thanksgiving themed books.  There is just something about this sweet story of a Grandmother, a Granddaughter, a bad guy, a scruffy hero, and delicious cranberry bread that exudes "Thanksgiving" to me.  Catherine says that she just loves this story.   

Freight Train: There really is no question which book is Dominic's current favorite.  We've read this book roughly 9,999 times since it's been checked out.  I think the entire family has it memorized -- not that it's very hard to do.  Despite the fact that I might have had enough of this book it really is awesome.  The illustrations are stylized simplicity in bright bold colors.  The words  are carefully chosen.  This isn't a story book per se, since there's no actual story, but it's great for what it is.  It keeps my two year old engaged so I love it.  (Shout out to Rosie, she mentioned this book last month and I immediately added it to my library list.)  

I finished The Mysterious Benedict Society.  I'd say it was just shy of being a great book.  I am now reading Hearts in Atlantis.  (My first King!  It feels like a milestone.)  I also have been reading a few fluffy books not worth mentioning, because sometimes we all need a little fluff.  Ok, I'll mention one of them: First Love.  Spoiler alert.  It's basically another Walk to Remember, but with way more grand theft auto and way less character development.  I'd give it a D+ and yet it still brought me to tears.  

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  1. Gazpacho for Nacho sounds like something my kiddos would love! We'll try to find it next time!

  2. All of these look great! Adding the math book to our list. I'm in line waiting for Cranberry Thanksgiving at the library. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yay! It makes my day when I'm able to recommend a book winner. Dates back to the olden days when I worked at the library... :)

    We have Cranberry Thanksgiving out right now as well. I haven't read any others in the Cranberry series. Do Mr. Whiskers and Grandmother ever become a couple?!?! I can't stand the suspense! :)

  4. I'll have to look for that Freight Trains book for my grandson who LOVES trains!

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for linking up at our Home Matters Party!

    That peacock hood sure is cute! Just wish I knew how to crochet!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Randi :)


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